Agents of Change

Hello Influencers!

Sorry in advance for the LONG post…Just providing a useful heads up for Thursday – so please read to the end!

At the last meeting we agreed on calling ourselves “Young Influencers” and we also agreed on supporting a Social Code to ensure that we can turn our thoughts into positive action in a constructive and coherent way. The event on Thursday night will aim to start putting some meat on the Social Code bones, by encouraging us all to bring ideas to the fore that will bring the groups vision to life.

We have decided on four questions that capture the aims of the Social Code and that will helpfully get our creative juices flowing. The panellists (Joanne Stuart, Katie Richardson, Hugo MacNeill and Liam Michael McCusker) will provide expert opinion to help us focus on forming tangible ideas and actions.

The questions are:

1. How can we build civic pride amongst the people of NI?
2. How can we build and promote links with the NI Diaspora?
3. How can we build lasting solutions to social issues in NI?
4. How can we build a vibrant economy in NI?

Are ideas flooding your brain already? Great, because our tech wizard David has started an ideas bank to make sure that every idea is captured.

The Steering Group got together on Sunday to test this system out and some of the ideas we came up with are loaded onto the platform to provide inspiration on some of the things we could action as a group, together. You can vote and comment on these ideas as well as provide your own. The conversation on this platform will continue on Thursday and we will discuss some of those ideas. Post Christmas we hope to analyse all of the responses and pin down what ideas the Young Influencers will bring forward together over the next year.

We hope that you can all take part!